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Mushroom Hook

coat hook

material: silicon rubber, stainless steel
size: 37mm x 47mm x 52mm

Covered by soft silicon rubber. And welcome your return home.


Where to buy: CLIPPINGS, VESPOE, shop page
During the rainy season, it's very humid in Japan. One day I found moldy wall in my room. I was worried if mushrooms were coming up. But at the same time, I imagined how funny mushrooms are growing on the wall.

Some people drive nails into walls, but I don't like it. It may damage my clothes and myself when get caught on and even looks painful. Mushroom Hook is made by silicone rubber. It is soft and welcome your return home.

Thanks to popularity of prototypes in Designersblock Milan in April 2009, Mushroom Hooks are now coming out. I greatly appreciate Designersblock to gave me a chance,exhibitors and friends who gave me lots of advice and encourage, my brothe,consulted with reluctantly, and Touto Rubber Industory which made such beautiful shape and parfect colour in short term with hight technology.